Applying of maternity/shared parental leave

Hi, do i need to apply for maternity leave and the shared parental leave which im giving my husband 2 weeks of my ML online? What are the steps to do so?#1stimemom #pleasehelp #advicepls

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Write a reply I submitted thru the above (before giving birth). My husband and I individually informed our HR too.

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For shared parental leave, if i not wrong u nd to declare on profamily website or what.. cannot rmb..

2y ago

I have seen staff who submit before n after. I would tink ideally u submit before if u are alr very sure abt sharing. Coz if u submit after the birth of ur child (like few days after), then your hb can only start AFTER the date that u have submitted. For ml i believe u have to fill up the ml declaration form for your company.