Anyone pregnant woman stomach flu and acid reflux

I have stomach flu and all along got acid reflux and because if this virus makes it worst. Anyone encountered? Is very terrible feeling. I have it for 3 days and not recovered yet.

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I took toast with sliced bananas and a drizzle of honey when I had stomach flu. It worked a little for me over time. It’s the worst feeling, I feel you. Drink plenty of warm water to flush out the toxins in your system. Apply medicated oil to soothe the churning. Take care!

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Can't take too much water cos is bloated at same time with the reflux. Although I want to. How long does it take u to recover? U didn't see a doctor? Ya. Is the worst feeling handling both situation. Diarrhoea come and go. So I also not sure if I am on the right track of recovering.

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See a doctor. Think may prescribe charcoal pills which is safe for pregnancy. Stay hydrated.

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Take care