I developed a hatred for my MIL ever since the birth of my son. Nothing good comes out from her mouth as Chinese believes that we should say the negative to kids so they will grow to be the opposite of the meaning. For example telling the baby he is so skinny, he has no hair, he is naughty etc just so that they will turn out the opposite. I am not a believer of such myths. Ever since then (during the confinement period), I started to avoid her and have not greeted her or talk to her since. It has been 3 years but each time I think about the episode, I just feel very angry and my heart boils. How can I get pass myself so that I can start talking to her again just like before?

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A part of me feels that it's very disrespectful as we stay in the same house. She still treats me very nice just that I'm not communicating to her much. I don't want my son to grow up doing the same to her because of me as he might take me as a role model.