I just entered my 3rd trimester. How much more calories should I be eating daily now for 2?

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You can have a read at this article: http://www.whattoexpect.com/pregnancy/calories-diet/ As a guide, you may need an additional 500 calories in the third trimester. However, there are many factors that comes into play. The article also mentioned that you can use your weight gain as a guide. So, if you conceived at a normal weight, during pregnancy you should gain about three to four pounds during the first trimester, then about one pound per week in the second and third trimesters. Personally, I would say don't think too much. Have a balanced diet and listen to your body. Don't be too stressed about this. :)

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It is recommended you have 300-400 extra calories over and above your daily required calories intake which depends on you activity level. Please note it also depends on your weight before you got pregnant. If ur BMI is higher than 25 to begin with the intake should be lower. Having said that please listen to your body rather than having a strict calorie count. Small meals distributed over the day covering all food groups is the best approach according to me.

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Wow, we don't count at all. there's just too many things to be mindful of. Ensure you're eating regularly and have a balanced diet. Take prenatal supplements, fruits, vegs (esp if prone to constipation) and fluids like soup or water to hydrate throughout the day. Good luck, mama!

As long as you eat healthily and baby is growing well, everything is


I'm still eating for one.