Always painful when latching on

Help! First time mum here. It’s been 2 weeks of trying to latch on for breastfeeding but my nipples are always painful when my baby sucks. I have tried different breastfeeding positions, holding my breasts in a C/U shape, aiming my nipple at the roof of baby’s mouth. My nipples feel sore and tend to look flatten when I unlatch. Anyone has any tips to share for a better latch? Should I try using a nipple shield? #advicepls #firstbaby #firsttimemom

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Yes, definitely try latching with nipple shield (I use pigeon). It was a lifesaviour when I tried to latch with painful nipples due to incorrect latch. Can google and follow on how to correctly latch baby, I rmb I followed one video and it worked for me (I don’t rmb anymore as it’s almost 2 years back.). Nipples are not supposed to look flat when you unlatch, it should look the same prelatch. It means baby is not latching well hence it’s painful and also, baby might not be drinking enough as it’s not a good latch.

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2mo ago

Thank you for your reply. May I know if you had issues weaning baby off the nipple shield?

hi..use nursing butter before u latch or wet it with breast milk b4 latching..make sure latching technique is correct, if too painful use exchange sides n give a rest

when this happened to me, I kust stopped latching and started exclusively pumping for several weeks.. then after that when my nipples recovered, latching was more comfortable

Yes nipple shield like the pigeon one should help with the pain and get a deeper latch for bb