Maternity Insurance for IVF & Twins

Hi, has anyone managed to buy maternity insurance at 13 weeks with twins through IVF? May I know which company you bought from? I’m having twins conceived through IVF and wanted to buy from prudential but then my agent tells me that I can only buy from 28 weeks 🤦🏻‍♀️. Great Eastern doesn’t accept IVF pregnancies. Thank you! #advicepls #firsttimemom #firstbaby

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you can take AIA, they cover IVF twins from week 13 onwards, which is the same as normal pregnancy, But very strict and cannot have complications, so you have to make sure your twins are normal. You may DM me and I can refer my agent, who is my close friend, to you.

8mo ago

Thank you! My sister recommended their agent to us and we’re meeting her tomorrow. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll contact you for your agent’s contact.

u can try AIA. Mine is thru ivf too but only 1 fetus and i bought from AIA at about week 13/14. let me know if u need an agent. My agent is good.

Prudential covers twins through IVF from 13 weeks onwards too. Let me know if you need help :)

8mo ago

Prudential does not cover ivf twin pregnancies at 13 weeks. They only cover from 28 weeks

Try AXA.. mine was same as ur but been sometime already