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Hi, first time pregnancy. Didn't had my period for 2 weeks and decided to just test yesterday with clear blue digital and it said I am pregnant and conceived 2 - 3 weeks ago. Not very sure how to count how many weeks I am into pregnancy and also due to my irregular period, I didn't think that I was pregnant. Last period was 6 Nov. Please advice if I should see gynae soon and how long am into pregnancy. Thank you 🙏#pregnancy #advicepls #1stimemom

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With clear blue digital, take 4 weeks + the conceived weeks, so you're probably around 6-7 weeks or a week earlier. Google about clear blue digital and you'll get what I mean. Your LMP might be inaccurate too. I missed my period for 2 weeks also then used the clear blue and it stated 1-2 weeks pregnant. After calculations based on my lmp which of course is not accurate, I estimated myself to be about 5-6 weeks pregnant. Got my 1st appointment 4 weeks later and estimated I should be around 11 weeks but based on ultrasound I was 10 weeks 2 days. Can see my fetus and hear it's heartbeat already. So you can start to book an appointment already.

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Depending on your cycle length, you should be around late 4 weeks or 5 weeks+? You might want to see a gynae at week 6 or 7 (in 2-3 weeks time), by then you should be able to hear the heartbeat.


can just visit a gynae to confirm everything first before deciding on which gynae you want to stay with

Hi, please see gynae the sooner the better once you've tested positive.. ❤️ Congratulations 🎊