Questions to ask gynae?

Hi fellow mummies! FTM here and every gynae visit I realized that I don’t really have any questions to ask the gynae (unaware of what I should be asking/to know). Is there any questions that I have to ask by any chance? I feel like I’m a little too “chill”. 😅 Week 14 going 15 btw. Any advice would definitely be helpful since I don’t have any pregnant friends around me. #firsttimemom #firstbaby #advicepls

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It depends on what you are curious about. Sometimes, yes as a first timer we can either be the curious type or laid back. If you think that you are doing fine then no questions needed otherwise you may throw questions like sciatica pregnancy, acid reflux, heartburn, pelvic/crotch pain, food intake, vitamins, delivery methods, baby's progress, signs of labour, what to expect in coming months, etc. It may sound silly but sometimes it is good to ask of the little2 details.

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10mo ago

Thank you. This is helpful! ☺️