Flying while pregnant?

Currently 5w pregnant but flying frequently as a career. Any advise on flying and protecting myself and bb? Have been pacing myself quite a bit and not over exerting. Will probably need to hold out until 10w before I can stop flying... Any advise and reassurance helps! #advicepls #firsttimemom #pleasehelp #FTM #firstbaby #firstmom

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I flew at 8 and 10 weeks, then at 12, 14, 16, 20 and 22, 8 flights during the pregnancy… actually I felt very good at the plane. If you and the baby are healthy planes are ok. Try to sit legs up and drink a lot of water. I always take an asylum seat, drink and go to the lavatory a lot. You can also wear compression socks. But I have never done long flights (more than 5 hours) during pregnancy. I know people who have, so, it must be ok as well!

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Don’t think it’s advisable to fly this early during pregnancy. But I may be wrong. During my first tri I was tired all the time. Also Foetus is not stable yet at 5 weeks. Usually 2nd tri is safest to travel. But since it’s for work, do you have a choice?

Personally I don’t feel that it’s safe to fly during early pregnancy but if it’s short flights (less than 6 hours) should be alright. Do check and confirm with your Gynae if it’s ok for you to fly as it’s important to stabilise the pregnancy.

As long as you're not experiencing any risk to the pregnancy e.g. bleeding, it's absolutely safe to travel at this stage of pregnancy.

I believe the best advise would be from gynaes as they know alot better than us and its better to ask for advises early

Is it for the bonus? I don’t think is worth it. Anyway you will be on nplv once you declare to the company.

pls rest in first trim especially 5 weeks!