My 1 year old has no teeth yet but wants to eat anything and everything. I hv ran out of ideas what else to gv other than purees, porridge n pastas. Can i start giving him noodles and bee hoon with soup? Isit okay since he has no teeth yet?

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Yes of course! I gave my lo hokkien mee today!! Lol shhhhh.... And he has no teeth at all. 8 months old. Well, he keeps bugging me for food and wants what i eat. For teabreak i gave him a little nonya dumpling. However please be careful, babies maybe unable to digest it.

Yes! My boy can eat noodles and even rice at 8 mth old. Do not underestimate their gumming power. He is eating almost everything like what the adults are eating n has do away with puree since he turned 8 mth

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Yes you can try! Just cut the noodles into smaller pieces. You can see him start chomping on it too. You can give bite size vegetables for him to chomp on it too