Whole Grains



Whole Grains


Folate, Protein, Fibre, Iron, Carbohydrates


A natural source of folate, chickpeas are an ideal food for pregnant women to consume. Folate can help prevent neural tube disorders in developing babies. Because these legumes contain iron, they help boost your red blood cell count, supporting a healthy pregnancy. Chickpeas along with tahini are the two main ingredients in hummus. Avoid shop-bought hummus though, as tahini has been linked to food poisoning outbreaks.


Go ahead and snack on chickpeas during your postpartum recovery period. High in folate, carbohydrates and other nutrients, chickpeas promote overall recovery and healing. Use them in a homemade hummus.


You can eat chickpeas without a problem while breastfeeding. Vegetable sticks or crackers with a homemade hummus dip are the ideal snack for hungry breastfeeding mums, providing you with vital nutrients, including natural carbs for an energy boost.


Chickpeas are fine to give your baby after he or she starts solids at 6 months. Packed with nutrients that promote your baby's brain and physical development, they can be boiled and mashed with a bit of unsalted butter. Do not give your baby whole chickpeas as they are a choking risk.