Whole Grains



Whole Grains



Mums-to-be can eat cereal. Always choose those made with wholegrains and avoid those with added sugar. The fibre present in cereal can help relieve constipation and morning sickness and stimulate baby's development.


After pregnancy, mums can continue to eat cereal. Choose those made out of wholegrains and avoid those with lots of added sugar. A good, wholegrain cereal can help ease digestive issues, including constipation.


A bowl of wholegrain cereal with low-fat milk and fruits is a great breakfast or snack option for hungry breastfeeding mums. The fibre in cereal will help prevent constipation and you will also get energy from the carbohydrates present in cereal.


Your baby can eat cereal in small quantities and after you have introduced vegetables and fruits. Opt for cereals made out of wholegrains so baby's digestive system stays healthy, and ditch the add-ons: sugar, milk powder and creamer. Add breast milk or formula milk and fresh fruit for wholesome goodness.