How to make a FOMO baby sleep?

Im a SAHM and my son is 7mo 15 days and he’s a FOMO baby since newborn. In fact I’m thankful that his FOMO traits are what makes him an intelligent baby but it’s been pretty hard to make him sleep lately. His bedtime is usually 10:30pm and i’ve been trying to push his bedtime earlier to 9:30pm and now trying to get to 8:30pm. I believe 7:30pm-8:30pm is the ideal bedtime for that age, yes? On good days he would sleep at 9pm-9:30pm. Most of the time he would fight & I made sure to try to make it by 10:30pm. Usually i would start to make him sleep 1hour prior because that’s how much he would fight. I’ll always try to have 2-3hour wake window prior his bedtime. However lately he’s been getting on my nerves. He’s always fighting so much i could only get him to sleep successfully by 11:45pm because he’s already tired by then after using his energy to fight. My method is usually rocking him, when he’s like 90% asleep then i would climb on my bed and let him sleep on top of me until he’s deep in his sleep then i would roll him over to his cot as it is just next to my bed. Yes the lights are off, only my night light is on. He’s pretty darn strong, he would arch his back and kick himself off of me when i was swinging. He’ll cry and scream. Sometimes when he was already sleeping on top of me he would suddenly push himself up, the more i tried to pin him down the more he uses his strength. The pressure from his hands pushing himself up would usually hurt my chest. He also uses his leg to push up and my skin, my csec scar will hurt from all the dragging. Imagine being tired and having to go through all that almost every night, that’s what makes me so frustrated all the time. I can’t just let him be whenever he pushes himself up from my body because he will look around and find something to play and then be all smiles at me. Sometimes when i thought he’s already asleep while on top of me, then me & my husband thought that it’s already a good time to finally have our time to watch tv, the tv brightness or a tiny amount of sound can wake him up despite i already use the blanket to shield the brightness from him. And then he’s all reset, as if my effort in making him sleep earlier on never happened, he’s all energetic and wants to play. Before you ask what my husband has done to contribute, my son wouldn’t even want to sleep whenever he made an attempt. He has done the same method as what i usually do but it never worked. But the moment i take my son he would automatically suck his fingers to soothe himself. Then the fighting starts. Before bedtime my husband would play with him, get his energy used up. But i guess it doesn’t work either. It’s really tiring and frustrating. I just want him to have a proper sleeping schedule. And i hate the fact that he can hear a pin drop, all me and my husband wanted was to just have our time, as simple as watching tv together but it’s so damn hard. Did i made a mistake somewhere? Or is this just a phase? I know he’s in his teething phase but i dont think it’s due to teething because he only started crying when i rock him. But the moment i stopped and just carry him, he will babble and smile and whatnot. I’ve applied those cream that makes the baby sleep, i’ve applied soothing oil for the teething. No difference. #newmom #adviceplease #sharing #FirstTimeMumHere #sleepdeprivedmama #sleepadvice

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