Hi there, I'm giving birth in a few weeks' time and am trying to prep my 17 month old toddler for her new sibling. She's showing signs of jealousy when I role play by carrying and caring for a doll (ie. baby) by rushing towards me and throwing away my doll and then wanting me to hug her instead. How can I help her adapt to her new sibling without hurting her feelings especially since I'll need to be feeding and carrying the newborn very often? Any tips that worked for you guys? Thanks a lot in advance!

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I try to let others handle my newborn esp during feeding time. Even when feeding, i get my elder to sit beside me and i will play or talk to him while feeding. Newborn are usually asleep, try spend more time by just being arnd the #1 to let them know that mummy is always there

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I started reading books about having baby brother or sister. Always reassure them that you’ll always love them. Also try to make alone time with the older child even when baby comes. She will adapt to the new baby, just continue to assure her

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