Hi My girl 4 months old is a breastfeeding baby. I fed her 10 mins each both side however after feed she will regurgitate may be around 5-10ml of milk. Is she too full? Should I reduce the feeding timing?

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Please do not reduce feed timings. Babies will naturally unlatch when they have had enough. It is normal to reguriate some milk after feed. Remember to burp baby after feeds as well.

the length of time you're feeding her is fine, she may need to burped more. I know my little one gets very gassy and has more spit up depending what I eat, like dairy, seafood or something spicy

Regurgitate is normal. Burp longer and burp more. Sometimes baby never latch properly so will swallow some air so still need to burp. Don't reduce feed time

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Burp baby well and keep her upright for 15-20 mins after every feed

7y ago

Each side she will unlatch and auto burp herself and milk will flow out


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How often are you feeding baby?

7y ago

Every 3hrly. She will like latch unlatch those kind each side 10mins theb unlatch she will auto burp and milk will flow out.both side she's like that.

burp baby well