Is it worth buying a brand new breast pump or borrowing a friend's?
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Better to buy your own
There's nothing wrong with borrowing your friend's

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I’m inheriting one from a close friend and another from my sister. For hygiene, am purchasing the necessary new parts brand new. I think it’s perfectly fine to use second hand for the body of the pump. Especially if from close family and friends. Plus pumps are so expensive and you won’t know what works for you at the start.

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Better to buy new as motor may be overused. Jts, groupbuy from my mummy group: 30% Pumpables GeniePlus 25% Pumpables SuperGenie

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Super Mum

For me it's OK to use friend's.. If she is giving it away as she is not using then I will take it. Borrowing it is abit troublesome.

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u can try use your friend's to try the suction, if it's good then you can opt to buy a new one and giveaway the old one 😉

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bumili ako ng sariling breast pump noon, manual pa nga yon. Ayoko kasi ng nanghihiram. Mas prefer ko yung may sarili

Yes it’s worth buying a brand new one if you are looking at being cautious when it comes to your child

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I think it’s best to buy on your own. It’s safer, cleaner and definitely more hygienic.

Can borrow friend's and buy new consumables to replace some parts for hygiene purposes

Nothing wrong with borrowing as long as you get all the new attachments

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Personal preference bah. If long term use, could consider buy new one.