Transitioning to Toddler bed

Anyone has any tips for transitioning to toddler bed? My son is 15 months old. He currently sleeps in his own cot (next to our bed). I have been thinking of converting his cot into toddler bed and having him sleep in his own room. Just not sure when i should be doing it.. Any tips?

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I just transited my LO. tell him he’s going to have his own big boy bed soon, make it fun and exciting that he’s going to have his own bed. and be with him until he falls asleep the first few nights. then slowly wean off

4mo ago

As with any transition it may take a while. So just persevere on as you are essentially doing 3 transitions (1) changing his bed and (2) changing his sleep location and (3) him sleeping alone. To make the transition less stressful for him, make sure you transfer something familiar in the cot when he usually sleeps work onto his toddler bed - for example a sleep toy, so there is some security and comfort. And yes do sleep together with him for the first few days or even weeks if needed…but slowly wean off progressively. During daytime, make him play in his toddler bed so he associate that space with positive emotions