Week 13

Congratulations on reaching the Second Trimester!


During this week, find out which survival skill your baby can most likely do now. As for you, mum, you can put behind first trimester pregnancy symptoms that hounded you. You may even experience a sense of renewed energy now. Exciting times are definitely ahead.

Your Baby's Development

In this week by week pregnancy guide, you'll learn that:

  • So far, the growth of your baby's head has been outpacing his body. But now his body is growing faster. His legs continue to lengthen, but this week, his arms will catch up to be proportionate with his body.
  • He now also has small fingerprints and a beautiful set of well-defined eyes and ears.
  • You might even spot him sticking his thumb in his mouth and start sucking away during the ultrasounds. This is probably the first few encounters when your baby is discovering this motion, a survival skill he will need when he’s delivered in a few months’ time.
  • All of your baby's essential organs and systems are formed and fully functioning.
  • Your baby's testes or ovaries are fully developed now.
  • The genitals are forming outside his body, though it’s still early to be a hundred percent sure about the gender unless the Harmony Prenatal test and  Non-invasive Prenatal test are done.
  • Your little one can probably hear you speak to him from the outside. So whisper all those loving words!
  • His heart beats are loud and clear.
  • Here’s an interesting fact in this week by week pregnancy guide: If you’re bearing a female baby, she now has about two million eggs in her ovaries which will reduce to half that upon birth. By the age of 17, the number of eggs would have dropped to an average of about 700,000!

Pregnancy Symptoms

  • You are probably feeling better than before. Pregnancy discomfort such as nausea and fatigue should be greatly reduced by now, and you may even find that you have a renewed sense of energy. (These are, indeed, the best news in this week by week pregnancy guide.)
  • To make space for your growing baby, your uterus expands. This forces other internal organs to shift their position upward to accommodate the new being. You may experience some discomfort around your ribcage area which, sorry to say, may worsen as your bump expands.

Pregnancy Care

  • Pregnancy gingivitis may strike, especially if oral care is not in place. If you’ve been throwing up quite a bit, keep cavities at bay by brushing and flossing regularly.

Your Checklist

  • Usually, Asian families hold this best-kept secret until the pregnancy reaches the second trimester. Now is when you may want to find a creative way to announce your pregnancy to family and friends.
  • An important reminder in this week by week pregnancy guide is: schedule an OSCAR test if you wish to screen for fetal abnormalities. Tests can only be done till week 14.


Important reminder to schedule an OSCAR test if you wish to screen for fetal abnormalities. Tests can only be done till week 14.


Slowly start adding more high-fiber foods to your diet to avert constipation. Due to hormones in your system, your bowel movements won't be as efficient at removing waste out of your system.

Make sure you're taking care of your teeth to prevent pregnancy gingivitis!

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