What is the amniotic fluid index?

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The amniotic fluid index (AFI) measures the amount of amniotic fluid volume in the waterbag. Too much is not good as it means the baby might not be healthy such as diabetes. The baby swallows the amniotic fluid and passes it out as urine. If there is suddenly a build up of amniotic fluid, it means that there may be a blockage/obstruction in the swallowing passage, which may require surgery at delivery. Another cause of too much amniotic fluid could also be fetal abnormalities. Too little amniotic fluid can be caused by infection, the baby not growing well and growth retardation. The AFI will tell us whether it is normal or abnormal, and is done by ultrasound scan scanning the four quadrants of the womb in cm. A total value of 5 and below (derived from adding the values of each quadrant) is abnormal and may require delivery soon. Anything between 5 to 8cm is considered borderline. Above 8cm is considered as normal.

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my AFI is 22 cms at 34th week is it normal or abnormal