Vaginal discharge

Is small clumpy light yellowish/faint greenish discharge from vagina normal during pregnancy? Dont really have bad odour. Does not cause any pain when urinating or after having intercourse. No burning sensation or swelling or redness of vaginal. Does not cause any blood discharge or anything. Just that the discharge is not watery/stretchy kind. Just clumpy. Is it harmful or harmless for baby. Have not seen doctor cause no other symptoms/pain which comes with it. In need of advice. Thank you #advicepls #pleasehelp #firstbaby

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If you are in doubt, do request vaginal swab with your doctor/gynae or ask during check up. They will be able to explain further. If you dont have the above symptoms it can be fine as well but it can also be otherwise like yeast infection, body hormones, etc.

I had the same symptoms and shared with my dr. I just had my check up this morning and the dr did a vaginal check and was told that there’s an infection. My dr said that it’s common and just gave meds :)

Might be bacteria which could cause cervix to soften so it’s best to go for a swab